The Chemical engineering discipline is necessary for the nation’s development and progress. Besides playing a role in natural resource processing and/or intermediate goods becoming products with higher economic and use value, the chemical engineering discipline also plays a role in the exploration of natural resources itself. The Chemical engineering discipline plays a vital role in helping achieve the master plan for accelerating and expanding Indonesia’s economic development (MP3EI) in the medium and long term. Chemical engineering is a branch of science that cannot be abandoned in the direction of a national innovation system and increasing the nation’s competitiveness for the development of the nation

Seeing this, starting in 2014, the Chemical Engineering Department received a mandate from DIKTI to organize a Chemical Engineering Doctoral study program with a research area in :

  1. Separation and Membrane Technology
  2. Food and Drying Technology
  3. New and Renewed Energy Technology
  4. Water and waste treatment Technology
  5. Materials Technology.
  6. Reaction chemistry and catalysis Technology

To support the implementation of studies and research, the Expertise and Education Laboratory and Research Group support the chemical engineering doctoral program. The research groups in the Chemical Engineering Department are :

– Membrane Research Center (Mer-C)

– Center of Biomass and Renewable Energy (CBIORE)

– Diponegoro Water Research and Engineering (D-Ware)

– Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Group (CREG)

– Industrial Green Technology

– Cluster Manipulation Food (KAREP)

– Institute of Food and Remedies Biomaterials ( Infarma )

– Advanced Materials Laboratory ( AMaL )



Prof. Dr.Tutuk Djoko Kusworo

Prof. Dr.Tutuk Djoko Kusworo

Ketua Program Doktor Teknik Kimia