For Diponegoro University students who graduate in the Even Semester 2021/2022 (Maximum 15 August 2022) and have already paid the tuition fees for the Odd Semester 2022/2023, they can apply for a refund of the Odd Semester 2022/2023 tuition fees. Let’s see the full info!


Requirements for Refund of Tuition Fees:


Submit a letter of application for the refund of education fees addressed to the Vice Chancellor of Resources (the letter can be downloaded via the link The completeness of the documents as attachments to the application letter consists of:

Legalization of Certificate of Graduation (SKL) signed by the Dean/Vice Dean I/Vice Dean II;

Photocopy of KTM;

Photocopy of Proof of Payment;

Photocopy of the Savings Account Book in the name of the student concerned.

The application letter for the refund of the tuition fee and its attachments is uploaded by the student through the SSO page on the homepage of each student.

Faculty through the Supervisor of the Subdivision of Resources verifies and approves the application letter for refund of tuition fees through SSO.


️Deadline for uploading files: 31August 2022


More info about tuition fees :


Contact person:


FT BEM Kesma: / (Hadil)


line. me/ti/p/~hvrmw / (Hervina)


FT Student Affairs:


Whatsapp 08122815066 (Margareta Diana)