In an effort to introduce the richness of Indonesian culture to the international world, Diponegoro University (Undip) students have launched a Real Work Lecture (KKN) program which bridges student exchanges with Keio University SFC in Japan through the 2023 Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) Program. to spread the charm of Indonesian culture through two key elements: batik, dance and typical Indonesian culinary foods. One of the main parts of this program is the introduction of authentic Indonesian batik to Keio University SFC students. Through a series of workshops and presentations, Undip students enthusiastically introduced the history, manufacturing techniques and symbolic meaning behind the beauty of batik. They not only showed off their skills in using batik, but were also able to passionately convey the beauty of traditional Indonesian art to their colleagues in Japan. One of the Undip chemical engineering students who plays an active role in this program is Devintya Wu Meyli. Indonesian Night is the main highlight of this program, where Keio University SFC and Undip students gather to celebrate Indonesian culture. The Maumere Dance, which is a traditional dance from East Nusa Tenggara, was performed with great enthusiasm, adding a cheerful color to the event. International students are also involved in dancing and experiencing the joy of Indonesian culture. Not to forget, typical Indonesian culinary delights are also the main attraction in this activity. Through joint cooking sessions, Undip and Keio University SFC students collaborate to serve delicious dishes such as chicken satay, chicken soto, sweet martabak, and various other dishes that have become Indonesian culinary icons. They not only gain practical experience in cooking, but also understand how important food is in depicting a nation’s cultural identity. This KKN activity is not only about introducing Indonesian culture, but also about building a strong cross-cultural friendship network between Indonesian and Japanese students. Through direct interaction, discussion and collaboration in various activities, Undip and Keio University SFC students succeeded in creating close and meaningful bonds. Thus, this KKN program not only provides valuable experience for its participants, but also succeeds in spreading the charm and richness of Indonesian culture abroad, making it an important step in expanding insight and understanding about Indonesia in the eyes of the international world. This KKN activity is delivered with the hope that the impression left behind will continue to burn, bringing the spirit and charm of Indonesia to further corners of the world