Faculty of Engineering AC 3.0 National Writing Competition 2018 organized by Airlangga University, Surabaya, East Java passed the Undip student representatives chaired by Firman Dwi Handono with members Nurmy Lalilati Guyana. They are Chemical Engineering students. The activity raised the theme “Inovasi Pengelolaan Sumber Pangan Guna Pengembangan Stabilitas Ketahanan Pangan Indonesia” (Innovation in Food Source Management for the Development of Stability of Indonesian Food Security).

The event which took place from 19-21 October 2018 brought the Undip team to win 3rd place with the title “Hidrolisa Kolagen dalam Ceker Ayam Hasisl Perendaman dengan Asam Asetat pada Proses Pembuatan Gelatin” or “Collagen Hydrolysis in Soaked Chicken Feet with Acetic Acid in the Gelatin Making Process” under 1st place by a team from Universitas Brawijaya and second place by the Universitas Airlangga team.